Define, save and load cases (video)

A short video tutorial on how to save and load cases.

Case Storage

The cases you choose to save are stored in a database. The case may be saved on the Define Cases tab by choosing a case and clicking on the save button. The little asterisk that marks the case as unsaved should disappear. In the current version of GoSimulate, your solutions will not be saved, just the setup.

The reason for the database approach, is that you are relieved of keeping track of which cad file is associated with which simulation file. In the database, each part ever loaded into GoSimulate will be known, and the cases associated with it as well. This way you may store a case, shut down GoSimulate, work on your model, reopen GoSimulate and transfer the model, and your case is adapted to the updated model.

Note: You should check all boundary conditions before running since some of the faces you have altered may also be the ones with conditions.