SpaceClaim Add-In

The SpaceClaim add-in has 7 buttons: Launch, Single, Export, Clear, Port, About. They give access to the following functionality:

  • Launch Starts the GoSimulate software. If the GoSimulate executable cannot be found this button is greyed out.

  • Auto Detects changes to the geometry and updates the current part to GoSimulate.

  • Update Updates a single model/part to GoSimulate. If only one part is present in the scene then that part will be updated to GoSimulate.

  • Export Exports a part to Enmesh custom mesh and meshb file formats. These file formats can be directed loaded in GoSimulate.

  • Clear Clears the current GoSimulate workspace. A confirmation is required.

  • Port Updates are transmitted to GoSimulate by TCP/IP communication. The custom communications port may be changed.

  • About Displays Enmesh information and add-in version number.