Cache Directory


The cache directory is the place where GoSimulate stores intermediate data. By default, this directory is chosen by the operating system, and you would normally not change this location.

However, one reason to explicitly change this directory could be if you have a fast disk (an SSD-disk for example). You might then want to make sure that GoSimulate uses a temporary directory on this specific disk since this will speed up certain parts of the application.

A problem has also been observed related to this directory, which might result in certain parts of the graphical interface not showing up correctly. Refer to this section for an explanation of the problem.

How to change the Directory

Go to File->Change Cache Directory to open up the Change Cache Directory directory browser and navigate to the desired directory.

The directory needs to be writable for the current user, i.e. if you are logged in as User1, you will be permitted to select a directory under C:\Users\User1, but not a directory under C:\Users\User2.

Important: You need to navigate inside the preferred directory in order to select it. Highlighting a directory in the browser will pick the directory containing the highlighted directory.