Creating a Report

A report can be created for Cases that are of particular interest. To generate a report for a specific Case, select the Case and click the Report button. A report can either be stored as HTML in order to be viewed and printed later, or it might be printed straight away.


Customizing the Report

It is possible to do some customization of the report before saving or printing it. In the top right of the Create Report window there are three main sections that can be enabled or disabled. These are Part Information, Problem Definition and Results.

Directly below that section you can choose which results to include. This section will be empty if the Case has not been solved yet.

To see how your changes affect the appearance of the report, click the <-- Update Preview button located below the Results section.

Inserting Images

Under the Problem Definition and Results sections in the preview of the report, it is possible to insert any given number of images. To do this, click an empty image frame in the preview section and select Insert Image. A file browser window will then pop-up, allowing you to choose an image file. Currently, only .png image files are supported since this is the file format that GoSimulate saves screenshots to. If you want to replace or remove an inserted image, click the image and select the preferred option.

To learn how to capture screenshots from GoSimulate, refer to this section.

Saving and Printing the Report


To save the report, click Save - a directory browser dialog will pop up where you can select which directory to put the report into. In order to select a particular directory, you need to be placed in that directory before closing the dialog - selecting a directory by highlighting it will output the report to the directory that contains the highlighted directory.

After saving the report, the contents of the selected directory will look like this:


Open the index.html file in your web browser of choice to view the report.


Select Print - this will pop up a print dialog where you can do some printer related settings before sending the document to the printer. If you want to generate a .pdf file of the report, you might install a pdf-printer, such as CutePDF.