IronCAD Add-In

The IronCAD add-in has 6 buttons: Launch Enmesh GoSimulate, Single Update, Export, Clear, Port Settings, About. They give access to the following functionality:

  • Launch Enmesh GoSimulate Starts the GoSimulate software. If the GoSimulate executable cannot be found this button is greyed out.

  • Single Update Updates a single model/part to GoSimulate. If only one part is present in the scene then that part will be updated to GoSimulate. If several parts are present in the scene and no part is selected this button is greyed out.

  • Export Exports a part to Enmesh custom mesh and meshb file formats. These file formats can be directed loaded in GoSimulate.

  • Clear Clears the current GoSimulate workspace. A confirmation is required.

  • Port Settings Updates are transmitted to GoSimulate by TCP/IP communication. The custom communications port may be changed.

  • About Displays Enmesh information and add-in version number.